This could only happen in Cambodia

October 29, 2010 · 6 comments

When I started on twitter, myself and a few others started the hashtag #onlyincambodia. There are many many times that this label is appropriate but the video below must be its finest example to date.

Yesterday a fellow blogger in Phnom Penh going by the name of LTO Cambodia caught this amazing piece of footage while out on his afternoon walk.

The short account is that swanky SUV drives up the wrong way of a major road in Phnom Penh, hits an oncoming motorbike and takes out the rider who then hobbles off. Driver then demands injured motorcyclist to move his bike away from blocking his car. SUV reverses and drives around crumpled motorbike. Police arrive and park another motorbike in front of SUV and order him to get out of the car. SUV occupant yells at police and tells them to get out of his way.

A stand-off ensues and then this…

The full story from LTO Cambodia, which is fascinating reading, can be found here


Update [01 November]: The Phnom Penh Post just ran a story about this incident and how the clip became Cambodia’s first viral video with over 30,000 You Tube hits. It also rather comically reports on who the driver was and the excuse that was given for his actions.

You can read it here

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  • Soph

    Unreal! Things like that don’t happen in Dorset.

  • I swear I’ve seen a similar video from the UK, only it was a guy on a pushbike.
    Still. Woah.

  • Chris Henderson

    Showed this to the kids at AUAf. They said it could also happen in Kabul, but they were divided on whether the police would let the guy go or riddle the car with bullets. They reckoned would depend on who was driving.

    • Simon

      Riddled with bullets? Now *that* would have made an interesting video!

  • Really nice post,thank you