How to use a bum gun

February 12, 2011 · 89 comments

I remember one of the most scary things about coming to Asia when I was about to leave on my first trip was the thought that I would have to wipe my bum with my hand.

Squat Toilet

Your typical squat

This thought sent shivers down my spine and although I quickly became quite accustomed to using squat toilets I never actually tried using the self wipe method even though many of my friends promoted the practice.

During all this time I have still stuck to the toilet roll method of wiping making sure that wherever I was I would have some kind of loo roll or tissues to hand.

I suppose after I became a Dad and I was required to get in there when it came to nappies and poo my fear of getting my hands on human excrement dwindled somewhat.

At the same time we began to have plumbing issues at our house and Mrs O, a great promoter of the hand method, requested that the no paper down the loo rule was enforced.

Now I still am not comfortable with going in blind and giving myself a full manual wipe but this is where the superb Asian invention of the bum gun comes in.  After using this device I am now fully converted to its use and wonder why on earth I never adopted this method in the past.

What is a bum gun?

bum gun

A bum gun

A bum gun or toilet hose is a device which enables you to clean out your nether region after going to the loo without having to use toilet roll.


There are many reasons to use a bum gun:

  1. No need to use paper therefore environmentally friendly and cheaper.
  2. You’ll have less issues with your plumbing.
  3. Much more hygenic – if you put your hand in some dog poo you wouldn’t go get a paper towel but you’d run it under a tap. Also you’re not wiping poo around your region you’re just washing it off.
  4. You’re less likely to get rashes or other irritations.
  5. It’s way easier to clean a toddler’s bum with the bum gun.

A great friend of mine and seasoned expat champions the bum gun with the quote and possible tagline,

“With a bum gun you never need a re-wipe”.

Rather than to get all graphic and explain how to use one with words I have made this simple tutorial video on how to use it.

If you are convinced, don’t live in Asia and want to make the move to this method then there is a company based in the UK who sell lots of varieties although they call them Bidet Showers. Take a look here, I was quite surprised to find them:

So, do you already love the bum gun?

Will you now look into this method as a result of this post or will you absolutely never ever not on your dear old grandmother’s life use such a thing and stick to loo roll?

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