Crime in Cambodia – A Sad Khmer New Year Story

April 13, 2012 · 11 comments

Browsing my twitter stream yesterday afternoon I came across a series of tweets from fellow expat Cambodian blogger LTO_cambodia that caught my attention.

So sad to hear that a hard working and honest Cambodian woman was targeted by youths praying on people returning to their families for the Khmer New Year celebrations. Unfortunately, this will be only one of many similar situations that will happen this time of year in Cambodia.

The story had a moderately happy ending when local staff and even a cyclo driver dipped into their own pockets to help out.

You can read the full story on Casey Nelson’s blog.

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  • Argh. This makes me so upset. The one time when she doesn’t have to work, go home and spend time with her family. So frustrating to see crime rates go up during holiday season. The ending definitely made me tear up a little though. Hope she had a great KNY despite the incident. 

    • Simon Oliver

      Thanks for the comments. Yes a sad story. When I first came to Cambodia one of the things I most liked about the country was the low crime rate compared to others countries in SE Asia.

      •  I only saw this now! but yes, when I first moved there in 1997, there were little crimes but there were no ‘ high crime seasons’ like today. :(

  • There are some people you just want to drag into a back alleyway and beat incessantly. I got robbed in Hanoi a few years ago, and I’ve heard of other tourists being targeted this way – but for some reason it’s so much worse when it’s locals preying on each other, particularly the young on the old.

    A terrible event, but a heartening “punchline” which demonstrates what most Cambodians are like in my experience.

    • Simon Oliver

      Yes awful. I am afraid I have very little time for this type of criminal, praying on the old and helpless.

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