10 Things I’m Loving about Cambodia Right Now

March 23, 2012 · 15 comments

A month or so ago I wrote a post on expat life in Cambodia that many interpreted as my announcement of leaving Cambodia shortly. This was certainly not the case. Yes, we will be moving to France this year for the spring and summer but only because we have a wonderful opportunity to do so. We will be back in Cambodia in September / October and have no intention of leaving as yet.

Even though there are frustrations I have particularly enjoyed a number of things recently about our life in Cambodia. Here are my top ten at the moment:

1) Our house & garden

Our house in Cambodia

Three years after building our house I feel it is finally beginning to feel like a home and not just a house.

2) Peppercorns Pre School – Kampot

Our daughter’s school started by a group of expat parents. It provides a fun play-based curriculum for a number of mostly expat kids living in Kampot between the ages of 2 and 6, led by a qualified western teacher. Our daughter is very happy there and so the question of education does not need to be addressed for a while.

3) Our new generator

Spending $220 on a generator was one of the best things I have done in ages. We have a lot of power cuts here in Kampot; some long and some just a few minutes.  Being able to maintain power at all times has made my life a lot easier.

4) Cafe Espresso in Kampot

A relatively new restaurant in town run by an Aussie couple who are consistently producing delicious vegetarian specials (as well as meat options too).

Cafe Espresso, Kampot


5) Running

People who regularly follow this blog know that I have recently taken up running.  Kampot is a great place to train and run – very flat and lots of quiet and safe paths away from cars and bikes.  Getting out four mornings per week has reminded me of Kampot’s beautiful countryside.

6) Sharp Scissors Barbers – Kampot

I have started to visit my favourite barber in town to get a $1 shave every few days. The particular guy I go to is a master with a cut throat and it feels like a little bit of a treat every time I go.

Sharp Scissors Barbers, Kampot

7) The Kampot Facebook Group

A few of us started a Facebook group called Kampot & Kep Noticeboard for Expats & Locals last year and it has become a great little community resource with over 150 members.

It’s extremely friendly and I think reflects the type of foreigners that choose to live permanently in Kampot.

8) Our Sunday outing

We’ve been making an effort to get out and visit friends at their businesses at the weekend. A nice lunch out and often a chance for our daughter to get a play date with some of her school friends.

Recently we have paid visits to Kep Lodge, Utopia and Samon’s Village.

At Utopia Guest House in kampot

9) The cool Kampot breeze

We are coming into the hot season now which many find the worst time of the year. Kampot always seems to get a cool breeze coming in from the coast. A friend of mine who lives in Siem Reap recently told me that temperatures there are around 37C at the moment. We’re enjoying days around the 30C mark but with a nice breeze too.

10) Fresh fruit from the garden

Fresh fruit in our garden in Cambodia

Our garden is now producing mangoes, bananas, star fruit and all sorts of herbs.

And one for luck

11) Car Wash 

Getting my car cleaned for $2.50 inside and out is a total joy

If you’re an expat what are the little things in life that you are enjoying right now?

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  • Williamwilley

    Thanks , great blog. 

  • I love your list!

    Things I enjoy as an expat right now…
    -new friends
    -learning Indonesian
    -eating my mother-in-law’s home cooked food
    -my job
    -living with my sweetheart!

    • Simon Oliver

      Thanks very much and big up to mother-in-law’s home cooking!

  • Chris

    Can’t comment on Cambodia obviously but had a great day out at Qargha lake near Kabul last week. Great views and a great restaurant, ate kebabs and chilled in the garden overlooking the lake (garden has it’s own peacock). Also took the family out on a pedal boat. This place might become a regular, good atmosphere and locals very friendly.

    • Simon Oliver

      An afternoon chilling out in Kabul just doesn’t seem real to me but glad you’re finding some ways to entertain yourself and the fam’ there.

  • One thing I loved about Cambodia was $5 bought me a bag full of ripe and delicious mangoes. 

    • Simon Oliver

      You’d love it now – it’s mango season and people are literally giving them away.

    • Nessallh


  • Nessa sem

    cambodia place of peace..

  • max

    Love about Cambodia? there are several subjects, one of it is a Cambodia Beach around Sihanoukville or maybe more secluded at Koh Kong, here is more with great pictures: 

  • OutdoorMan79

    A friend of mine is in cambodia right now and trying to talk me into moving there. I’m living on a fixed income of about $1k/month as a diasabled vet and said I can live fairly comfortable there as long as I don’t live like a westerner, which I have no problem with. Starting to get really tired of the western culture anyway. Great blog by the way. :)

  • Jim

    I believe many foreigners will discover Cambodia. I just hope they leave most of the “Western” culture behind. I came here to get away from the rat race mentality!
    Jim George

  • Beautiful pics! Love the mangoes. Cambodia is definitely on my list of places to travel to. There is a gem of a piece about Myanmar, their history, culture and heritage for fellow South Easy Asia travellers to get to know it a bit better – http://www.travelindochina.com/blog-articles/welcome-to-burma – may be of interest if you’ve enjoyed Cambodia! :-)

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