Browsing my twitter stream yesterday afternoon I came across a series of tweets from fellow expat Cambodian blogger LTO_cambodia that caught my attention.

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(This is a guest post by my wife who is in a much better positon than me to pass on information about how to have a baby in Bangkok as an expat in Southeast Asia).  

Step 1: Find somewhere to stay

Where you stay will obviously depend on your personal situation & budget.  We have a 3-year old who sleeps in her own room at home so I was hoping to find a nice 2-bedroom serviced apartment.  In the end, we opted for a 1-bedroom in a nicer, more modern place.

Legacy Suites, Bangkok

The living area at Legacy Suites, Bangkok

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Most of the modern architecture in Cambodia leaves something to be desired. Across the countryside beautiful old wooden houses are being pulled down in favour of the more modern look.

Here are a two examples of buildings I have seen in the last few days.
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There are lots of beautiful spots in Cambodia. The Kampot riverside though has to be one of my favourites.

The Riverside in Kampot

Taken with an iPhone 4S.  Apps used Filterstorm and Camera+.

A month or so ago I wrote a post on expat life in Cambodia that many interpreted as my announcement of leaving Cambodia shortly. This was certainly not the case. Yes, we will be moving to France this year for the spring and summer but only because we have a wonderful opportunity to do so. We will be back in Cambodia in September / October and have no intention of leaving as yet.

Even though there are frustrations I have particularly enjoyed a number of things recently about our life in Cambodia. Here are my top ten at the moment:
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